Road Name Approval Guide


Step 1

Download application (PDF)

If the property is located in the

you will have to apply with their planning department using their application. 

For all other jurisdictions in Wake County, follow these steps:

Download the application: 


Step 2

Complete form


  • Your contact information 
  • Parcel PIN or REID 
  • Street names in preferred order 

Check the names to make sure they are not already in use in Wake County with our Street Name Search Tool.

Provide extra names in case they are needed. 

Follow the guidelines below.


  1. Names of individuals are not allowed in the Wake County jurisdiction. 
  2. Directionals and numbers are not allowed; e.g. North Star Lane, Four Corners Drive. 
  3. Punctuation is not allowed; e.g. periods, hyphens, apostrophes. 
  4. All names must have an acceptable and appropriate street type; e.g. Road, Lane, Court. 
  5. Double street types are not allowed; e.g. Deer Path Lane. 
  6. Names must be easy to pronounce and should have a positive connotation. 
  7. Names duplicating or sounding similar to existing names will not be approved. 
  8. Name (not including the street type) should be a maximum of 13 characters in length due to sign size. Some municipalities allow longer names. 

Step 3

Submit application with a vicinity map

Send it to us by email at Make sure you include a vicinity map. We will let you know we received it and return an approved copy after we review it. Allow two weeks. 


Step 4

Receive approved application

Contact us at if you need to make any changes to the names. It is important to use the road names exactly as approved or delays will occur.