What to Know About Changing Your Address

If you recently received a Change of Address letter from the county, you may have questions.  

Why did I get a letter?

The address numbers along a street should be in order from low to high, with odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other side. If we notice an address that is out of sequence, we will change it and send a letter. 

Why do I need to change?

Correct addressing helps emergency responders to find your location quickly. Seconds count in an emergency! It also enables deliveries of mail, packages and services, is helpful for visitors and enables utilities to be connected or repaired. 

What if I don’t change?

You are putting yourself, your family and your neighbors at risk in an emergency. 

What if I use a PO Box for my mail?

You can continue to use the PO Box for your mail, but the new address is the location of your house.  

What if I know the emergency responders?

New emergency personnel may not know you. If the closest available unit responds, they may not be familiar with your area and the residents. 

Who has been notified?

  • We will notify USPS. Please do not submit a Change of Address Form with them unless we ask you to. Talk with your regular carrier so they will be aware of the change. 
  • We will update the E-911 system and the county tax records. 

  • We will notify Wake County Board of Elections and Wake County Public School System. 

Who do I contact?

  • Let your friends and family know.  
  • Notify mortgage, financial, insurance and any other company that sends you bills, important information, magazines or newsletters. 
  • Update your driver’s license or DMV ID card. 

Is the county going to pay my expenses?

Unfortunately, the county cannot pay your expenses.  

Do I need a new deed for my property?

No, your property deed is based on the legal description, not the address. 

Where do I display the address?

Numbers need to be on the house and at the end of the driveway. They should be at least four inches high and reflective or on a high contrast background. 

When do I need to make the change?

The E-911 system will be updated about 30 days after you receive the Change of Address letter. The information will be shared with USPS and other agencies at that time. Post your new numbers then. It will take additional time for the new address to be recognized by other databases for financial and delivery services.  

What if there’s a mistake in the letter?

Please contact us right away by email at GIS911addressing@wake.gov or by phone at 919-856-6210 so we can fix it.

I lost my letter. Can you send me another?

Sure, we have a copy of your letter. We’ll be happy to send you a paper or digital copy. Contact us by email at GIS911addressing@wake.gov or by phone at 919-856-6210.

My address changed years ago. Can you write a letter?

Yes, we keep old letters on file.
Contact us by email at GIS911addressing@wake.gov or by phone at 919-856-6210 so we can help you.