Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee

The Open Space and Parks Advisory Committee is an 11-member group appointed by the Board of Commissioners to advise it on parks and open space preservation issues.

Meetings are generally held the fourth Monday of each month. Please refer to the Advisory Board Calendar for upcoming meetings.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Develop a clear understanding of the importance of maintaining open space resources in order to define a vision for the role of open space in Wake County.
  2. Identify specific types of open space to be included in Wake County's open space program.
  3. Develop criteria for identifying and prioritizing open spaces to be acquired and/or maintained.
  4. Identify options for the acquisition and conservation of these open spaces.
  5. Propose incentive methods to encourage property owners to conserve open space resources.
  6. Propose funding mechanisms for acquiring appropriate public interest in open space resources.
  7. Build support with community organizations for an open space preservation program.
  8. Ensure that action is taken on the recommendations of the committee.


Robert Hinson (Chair)

George Hess (Vice Chair)

Ernestine Durham

Robert Finch

Jackie Giordano 

Robin Hammond

Greg Hoit

George Matthis

Chuck Roe

Sarah Martin

Sanford Bailey