Crowder from Home

Two children wander through the flower garden with their nature scavenger hunts

Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Crowder County Park from home! Be sure to check back often, as this page is updated with new activities and videos regularly!

Self-Guided Activities

My Backyard Buddies

Flyer for backyard buddies social media program

Join Wake County park staff as we explore our backyards!

Use #MyBackyardBuddies on social media to share photos of what you see and check out what we're finding, too.

Use the following apps to help you identify wildlife:

Crowder Nature Puzzles

lizard sleeps on log with green background in virtual puzzle background

Try solving some of these beautiful nature puzzles which are photo captures of critters and plants in the park. See if you can put them all back together.

Craft Activities from Home

Baby Bird Craft

paper bird in paper plate craft example

Create your own baby bird nest using this printable and instructions!

Bee Craft Template and Instruction

yellow egg carton bee craft with paper wings and googly eyes

Create this pollinator craft using recyclable materials.

CD Fish Craft Instructions and Template

compact disc with googly eyes and fins to look like fish

Have some leftover compact discs or DVDs? With this craft you can print the template and make your own sparkling fish!

Paper Tube Opossum

Paper tube craft that looks like opossum with googly eyes and pink puff ball nose

Create your own opossum friend with this printable template!

Educational Activities and Scavenger Hunts

Download, Print and Go!

Common Pond Critters
Want to find out what types of critters are living in your pond or creek? Use this identification guide as you explore.

Bird Shadows and Clues
See if you can match these birds with their shadows.

Halloween Hike Scavenger Hunt
Enjoy this fun and spooky scavenger hunt as you hike in the park or your neighborhood.

Grow As We Go Bugs
Learn about the different types of metamorphosis and match up the life cycles of different insects.

Insect Bingo
Take this printable out in the park to try and find all the different insects!

Frog Match Up
See if you can match these commonly seen frogs with their descriptions.

Habitat Match
Check out these habitat match cards, perfect for all ages! Print, cut and match!

Crowder Word search
Use this printable word search and find common animals found in the park.

Animal Tracks and Signs Bingo
Use the printable bingo cards to explore signs of animals in your own backyard.

Birdie Bingo
Do you enjoy observing birds? Well, try out this printable bingo game!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Explore your backyard and see if you can find all the different critters and plants.

ABC Hike
Go on a hike to see if you can find everything on this printable scavenger-hunt style activity!

Tiny Tots Scavenger Hunt
Explore your backyard and see if you can find things that are "prickly" or "smooth." This is best suited for ages 4 and under.

Staff Podcasts

Spring Has Sprung Collection

Park staff thought you might enjoy hearing our own reflections regarding what we particularly like about spring in nature and outdoors. Find below different audio recordings from staff, and enjoy!

Listen to this podcast here.

Bird Day Collection

Monday, May 4, was “Bird Day,” the first holiday in the United States dedicated to the celebration of birds. This audio series was created by the staff of Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder County Park, in celebration of this special day and in honor of our feathered friends. In these tracks, we talk about our favorite spring bird calls and why we like them (e.g., Is it a sweet or attention-grabbing sound? Does it remind you of an experience or a person? Is there a funny joke about it? Is it a rare bird?) We hope you enjoy our recollections and stories! Share with us on social media!

Listen to this podcast here.

Summer is Coming Soon

Summer is here, so our park staff thought you might like to hear from us in regard to what we particularly like about summer in nature and the outdoors. We are sharing these podcasts in celebration of Midsummer’s Day.

Listen to this podcast here.

Virtual Programs

Crowder on Video!

Screenshot of Youtube video of programmer talking with turtle

Check out Crowder on Video! We have videos all about wildlife and nature at Crowder Park, so that you can enjoy the park and learn from a distance.

Here are just a few of our video topics:

  • Turtle Time with Ms. Bianca
  • All About Bluebirds with Ms. Bianca
  • All About Beavers!
  • All About Bluebirds Part 2
  • All About Monarchs
  • All About Night Animals
  • All About Ravens, Crows and Jays!
  • Exciting Explorations at Crowder Park: A Virtual Guided Hike
  • Nature-themed story times

Fun for the Whole Family

Bring the Outside Online!

Image of person with virtual background of yates mill

Liven up your virtual meetings with customized backgrounds from Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

Other Parks From Home!

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