Green Hills From Home

Boulders on top of Big Hill

Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Green Hills County Park from home! Be sure to check back often, as this page is updated with new activities and videos regularly!

Explore: Take a Virtual Tour

Story Map flyer depicting woman running up the gravel Top of Hill Trail.

Take the Green Hills County Park Virtual Tour!  Experience the park from a different perspective while learning about its history and current uses.

Many of our other Wake County Parks and Preserves also have mobile tours and we encourage you to explore those, as well!

Virtual Tour of the Sonoco Recycling

What ends up in landfills and what is repurposed?  Want to know where all that recycling goes? Take a tour of the Sonoco Recycling MRF located here in Raleigh, NC 

Listen: Green Hills Storytime

Solid Waste

Bring the Outside Online!

Sunlight filtered through green redbud leaves.

Liven up your virtual meetings with customized backgrounds from Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space. 

Other Parks From Home!

Image of cartoon park staff with woodland animals promoting wake parks from home

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