Wake County Register of Deeds | Tammy Brunner

Business Name Search Instructions

    Determine whether the name you have selected has already been filed by another party. It is your responsibility to perform a business name search.

    Businesses Names are Indexed in our System Using:

    • The current indexing standard requires that the information be entered as it appears on the document. “Key It As You See It
    • Prior indexing standards used abbreviations and while the new standards now spell out all words.
    • There are still exceptions.
      • Where these words appear already abbreviated, they are typed as it appears.
    • When initials are part of the name, search with and without spaces between the initials.
    • Search using different spellings of words (e.g., two, 2, too, to).
    • Search with and without leading articles (e.g., a, the)
    • Some examples of types of searches you need to be aware of are:
      • Actual company name: The Marketing Department
      • Indexed as: The Marketing Department
      • Actual company name: A Clean Sweep
      • Indexed as: A Clean Sweep

    Things you need to know when doing a search:

      The following words are abbreviated unless the abbreviation falls as the first word of the non-human or corporate name:

      Word Abbreviation
      Incorporated Inc
      Corporation Corp
      Company(ies) Co
      County Cnty
      Association Assn
      Department Dept
      Limited Ltd
      And &
      Partnership(s) Ptnr
      Associate(s) Assoc
      Savings and Loan S&L
      Mortgage Mtg
      Finance Fin
      Insurance Ins
      Bank and Trust B&T
      Condominium Condo


      The Register of Deeds Information Center is available to help if needed. If you have any questions please contact us at 919-856-5476 or rodinfo@wake.gov.