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Highway Maps

State Highway Commission maps are online and can be accessed using the Consolidated Real Property Index search system. More than 2,700 highway maps, dating back to 1967, are in the system.

State Highway Commission Plans:

Highway Maps Index by Project Number

Highway Maps Index by Road

  • Prior to 1/1/2015 Highway maps are cataloged and stored in the Consolidated Real Property Index as HM0001 through HM0004
  • Assigned Document Type  =  MAP-HIGHWAY
  • Effective 1/1/2015 Highway map book numbers begin with HM followed by the year the map is recorded (e.g., HM2015).
  • The page will be assigned in the order the map is received (e.g., Page 1, Page 2).

Search Online for Highway Maps

Highway Maps Search Tips

  • Search Tip - Full index information is not required for entry.
    • Search Example:
      • entering 'Project 9.7' in the Grantor field will return all index entries that begin with "Project 9.7"

Highway Maps are Indexed by Grantor

Highway Map Indexing Examples

Highway Map books numbers begin with HM

Entries are indexed by Grantor

  • Grantor Examples:
    • Major road - US 64
    • Street name - Breeze Rd
    • Secondary road - SR 1300
    • Governmental authority - NC Department of Transportation
    • Project name - Project 9.7050302
    • TIP (Transportation Improvement Program)
      • TIP indexed as TIP PROJECT
      • R-Rural Roadway, U-Urban Roadway, I-Interstate, B-Bridge, W-Safety
      • Example – TIP PROJECT B 4300
    • WBS - Department of Transportation accounting numbers
      • WBS is not used in the index. They are indexed as PROJECT or just the number
      • Indexing Examples:
        • 330671.11
        • PROJECT 330671.11

Note: These instructions are also included on the Consolidated Real Property Index website under the Guide Me section. Screenshot examples are in the Online Help Guide.