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Original Map Restoration and Preservation

Restored Maps

The Wake County Register of Deeds has professionally restored and preserved in clear portfolios over 1,425 original Wake County Historical maps.

All restored maps were scanned for the purposes of historical preservation and ease of online viewing by the Wake County land records community.

The official maps on record were generated as tracings from these original maps to allow the recording of standard map sizes.

WRAL Hidden History article September 2020

Never before seen: Century-old Maps of Wake County Reveal Forgotten History


The Restored and Preserved Historic Maps are Online and available in the CRPI Online Consolidated Real Property Index.

To View Preserved Historic Maps Online - Follow the Instructions Below:

  • Visit: https://rodcrpi.wakegov.com/booksweb/genextsearch.aspx
  • Enter one of the BM Years into the Book field one of the following years & in the Page field enter %
    • BM1885
    • BM1911
    • BM1915
    • BM1918
    • BM1920
    • BM1924
    • BM1925
    • BM1926
    • BM1927
  • There is a NEW Column named Historic Map added to the Search Results Page.
  • When there is a corresponding Historic Map available for a recorded Book of Maps Book and Page:
    • The Search Results includes the Historic Map column and includes an Icon to open the Historic Map
    • Historic Maps open as a regular image as with all documents.
    • Historic Maps images may be viewed in the CRPI Viewer AND Opened, Saved & Printed as a PDF.

Note: Not all search results for a given year have a corresponding Historic Map (e.g. Book: BM1911 Page: % )

Historic Map Search Page 1
Historic Map Search Results 1
Historic Map Search Results 2