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Torrens Law

N.C.G.S. § 43-56 governs land registration under the Torrens law, pursuant to which a real estate owner may bring an action in Superior Court for a decree of title. The decree can be registered with the Register of Deeds, upon which the register issues an owner's certificate of title. The Torrens Act was modeled in 1858 by Sir Robert Torrens. The Wake County Register of Deeds website has recorded Torrens documents from October 12,1914, to November 2,1976.

How to search Torrens records:

  1. Search Torrens records using the Consolidated Real Property Index search webpage
  2. In the 'Book' field enter TORREN
  3. In the 'Page' field enter 1
  4. Click on Search button
  5. Result will be displayed for Torrens records. See sample screenshot below.
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