Mobile Home Moving Permit

Find out what information is needed to get a mobile home moving permit. 

Mobile Home Moving Permit Basics

In order to relocate a mobile home, a moving permit must first be obtained from the Department of Tax Administration. All property taxes must be paid in full for a mobile home moving permit to be issued by our office.

There is no charge for the permit.

State law requires permits to be displayed near the license tag on the rear of the mobile home at all times during transport.

A permit application must be furnished when applying for the permit.

Information needed for the permit application

  • Name and address of the owner as of the preceding January 1
  • Name and address of the current owner
  • Purchase date of the mobile home
  • Address from which the mobile home is to be moved
  • Address and county to which the mobile home is to be moved
  • Make, model, year, size and serial number
  • Name, address and telephone number of the carrier who is to transport the mobile home

Print the Moving Permit Application

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It may take up to 24 hours for a mobile home moving permit to be issued after the application is received in the office of the Wake County Department of Tax Administration.

Additional Mobile Home Moving Permit Information

To obtain a moving permit, the mobile home must have been located in Wake County on January 1 of the current year.

In addition to supplying the above information, it is also required that all property taxes due on the mobile home be paid in full. These taxes also include those which have not yet been computed but which will become due during the current calendar year. If the owner of the mobile home also owns real estate within Wake County, the tax on the mobile home does not have to be satisfied before receiving the permit. These taxes may be paid according to their regularly scheduled due date.

A holder of a lien on a mobile home may acquire a moving permit for relocating the property to another location in North Carolina without paying the taxes at the time of application. When the permit is issued, the holder of the lien will receive a statement of taxes due against the mobile home and is responsible for payment of the taxes within seven days of the issuance of the permit. Any applicant who is a nonresident of North Carolina must pay the taxes at the time of application for the permit.

Manufacturers and retailers transporting mobile homes, which are part of their inventory, are not required to obtain a moving permit.