America Recycles Day BINGO

Nov. 15, 2023, America Recycles Day, with recycling symbol

Celebrate America Recycles Day all November long with a game of Bingo! 

ARD Bingo Prize
Reusable straw kit prize

Download our Bingo card (below) to explore the many ways that you can help us protect the environment through completing various recycling and waste reduction activities such as, pledging to recycle, selecting a material in the "Drop-off Locator" to find out where to recycle it, watching a video on how to recycle your real Christmas trees, and more! 

Complete and submit the Bingo card between November 1–30 to receive a food-grade, stainless steel, reusable straw with cleaning brush and pouch, and be entered in a grand prize drawing to win an Earth Machine Compost Bin! The contest is limited to one entry per household, per year, and is available to Wake County residents only.


Compost bin
Grand prize is an Earth Machine Compost Bin
  1. Click on this Bingo Card and download it to your device (desktop is easier).
  2. Fill in your name and mailing address.
  3. Click on an activity square to complete the activity.
  4. Enter the date of completion in the space provided.
  5. Get BINGO by completing five activity squares in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You can get a BINGO with four activities when you use the middle square as a free space!
  6. Save your card and email it to us at: 
  7. Receive your reusable straw kit in the mail, and be strawesome!
  8. Sip back and relax - the hard work is over, you're entered to win our grand prize! 

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