Comprehensive Planning

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The Comprehensive Planning Subcommittee coordinates water management for all water sources within the community. This subcommittee focuses on long-term management, drought planning and water conservation, and incorporates new technology where appropriate. As part of its planning efforts, the subcommittee is supporting development of the Wake County One Water Plan, a 50-year water resource plan that integrates water supply, wastewater treatment, stormwater, flood management, and groundwater protection with County and municipal development and transportation planning. Phase 1 of the One Water Plan began in 2019 with the countywide groundwater study. 

Phase  1-Wake County Groundwater Study 

In 2019, Wake County, in partnership with USGS, initiated a groundwater resource study that includes a county-wide groundwater level monitoring network. The network is possible through support and collaboration from the following partners: City of Raleigh, Town of Cary, Town of Holly Springs, NC Dept. of Environmental Quality, Wake County Public School System, Wake County Parks & Open Space, Northern Wake Fire Dept., NC State University, and private citizens. Information from the groundwater monitoring network will support development of a comprehensive groundwater budget for Wake County. 

In May 2022, USGS completed the first of two reports associated with the groundwater study.  The report includes information on well yield and groundwater recharge and will be used to develop a groundwater flow model for the County.  A better understanding of Wake County’s groundwater resources supports planning efforts and helps ensure all residents of Wake County have a sustainable and resilient drinking water supply.

You can learn more about the study and link to groundwater gauge data on USGS website.  A copy of the USGS report is available at the following link:

Assessment of Well Yield, Dominant Fractures and Groundwater Recharge in Wake County, North Carolina

Information on drought classifications and current conditions is available through the NC Drought Management Advisory Council.

Wake County Groundwater Network

Phase 2-One Water Plan

Wake County initiated Phase 2 of the One Water Plan in September 2022.  To learn more, visit: