Watershed Management Staff - Contact Information

Erosion and sediment control measures observed with decent groundcover around very turbid stream
Active construction site borders perennial stream

The following are staff contacts who will perform plan review, permitting, inspection, complaint investigation and water quality monitoring in each watershed. Based on the location of your project or concern, please contact the appropriate staff person.

Project assignments subject to change.

Contact Title/River Basin – Subwatershed Phone Email
Group Voicemail – response within 1 business day Watershed Programs 919-856-7436 watershedmanagement@wake.gov
Barney Blackburn, PE, CPSWQ, CPESC Program Lead, Plan Review/Wendell 919-418-3791 barney.blackburn@wake.gov
Shawn Springer, PE, CFM Environmental Engineer – Plan Review/Falls Lake, Jordan Lake 919-369-6135 shawn.springer@wake.gov
Janet Boyer, PE, CFM Environmental Engineer – Plan Review, Rolesville 984-275-9413 janet.boyer@wake.gov
Kevin Zelaya, PE Environmental Engineer – Plan Review/Swift Creek 919-306-6372 kevin.zelaya@wake.gov
Carrie Mitchell, PE, CFM Environmental Engineer – Plan Review/Zebulon 919-856-7468 carrie.mitchell@wake.gov
Betsy Pearce, CPSWQ, CFM Program Lead – Post Construction Stormwater 919-868-6414 betsy.pearce@wake.gov
Andrew Lake, CESSWI, REHS Environmental Consultant – Post Construction Stormwater 919-594-0895 andrew.lake@wake.gov
Ashley Drda Environmental Consultant – Post Construction Stormwater 919-856-7406 ashley.drda@wake.gov
Karyn Pageau, EI, CPESC Program Lead – Field Services 919-796-8769 karyn.pageau@wake.gov
Marlena Brown, REHS Environmental Consultant 919-819-5428 marlena.brown@wake.gov
Joe Albiston, MS, CESSWI Environmental Consultant 984-301-4387 joe.albiston@wake.gov
Jeff Gunter, REHS/RS Environmental Consultant 919-397-8670 jeffrey.gunter@wake.gov
Scott Reams, REHS Environmental Consultant/Neuse – Falls Lake 919-868-4986 scott.reams@wake.gov
Jeevan Neupane, PE Environmental Engineer/Neuse – Crabtree Creek
Cape Fear – Jordan Lake
Rolesville – Lower Neuse
919-819-8907 jeevan.neupane@wake.gov
Theo Udeigwe, PhD, CPSS Water Quality Director 919-856-7431 theo.udeigwe@wake.gov