Wake County Board of Elections to Mail Voter Cards to Active Voters This Week

Starting this week, the Wake County Board of Elections will begin mailing voter cards to all active, registered Wake County voters via U.S. mail. While voter cards are not required to vote, they provide voters with their most up-to-date voting jurisdiction information and the location of their Election Day polling place.


Every ten years, the federal government conducts the U.S. Census, which requires district boundaries to be reviewed to account for population growth. Wake County’s population grew significantly in the 2020 Census, which may have shifted the districts for many voters.


"We have more than 797,000 registered voters in Wake County and we’d like for them to look out for their cards in the mail the last week of March or first week in April,” said Olivia McCall, deputy director of the Wake County Board of Elections. “It’s very important they read them carefully, make any needed corrections to their name or address and check their registration online if they don’t receive a card by end of April.”


Voters can quickly view their voter information, check their voting jurisdictions and even see their sample ballot for the upcoming May 17 Primary and Cary Municipal Elections here.

  • Voter card received has accurate name & address: Make note of your precinct and Election Day voting location and keep your card for reference.
  • Voter card received has incorrect name or address: Use the back side of the card to update your information and mail back the corrected card with a stamp to the Board of Elections.
  • Voter card received has your address but previous resident’s name: Please do not throw it away. Write “Return to Sender” and place in your mailbox. No postage is necessary.
  • Voter card does not arrive by end of April: Check your voter status online here, you may not be registered, or you may have moved and need to update your address. Fill out and sign the Voter Registration Application. This is also how you can update your party affiliation. You can email it to voter@wake.gov, fax it to 919-231-5737, or mail it to Wake County Board of Elections, PO Box 695, Raleigh, NC 27602.


If you have your previous voter card, update your voter registration information on the back of the card and mail it back to the Board of Elections.


Find more information about voting and upcoming elections at ReadyToVote.com.


About Wake County Board of Elections
The Wake County Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all elections held in the county. The board establishes election precincts and voting sites; appoints and trains precinct officials; prepares and distributes ballots and voting equipment; certifies ballots cast in elections and investigates any voting irregularities.

The Wake County Board of Elections also maintains voter registration and voting records for more than 797,000 voters. To learn more about Wake County Board of Elections, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact us at 919-404-4040.