Wake County Health Inspectors to Ensure Fair Food Favorites are Safe

NC State Fair Begins Oct. 13

Ginger Johnson, Environmental Consultant, gives a TV interview at the State Fair
Ginger Johnson talks with reporters at the State Fair.

About a million people are expected to attend the North Carolina State Fair in Wake County this year, and one fair favorite is sampling the variety of creative cuisines offered at the 11-day event. Wake County Environmental Health and Safety inspectors are the ones charged with making sure all that gluttonous goodness is handled and served up safely.

From Oct. 10 to 12, a team of inspectors will evaluate over 100 food stands, food trucks and tents. Each must pass health and safety checks before they can be issued a permit to participate in this event, which draws visitors to Wake County from across the state and beyond.

“The NC State Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the year, when our residents can enjoy tasty food and learn about our agricultural heritage and achievements,” said Wake County Commissioner James West. “Food safety is our priority, and our inspectors work tirelessly to ensure everyone has a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience while they’re in Wake County.”

Temporary Food Establishment permits are issued to food and drink vendors that operate in conjunction with a fair, festival or other similar event. For NC State Fair vendors, Wake County has developed a guide for submitting the application, as well as a phone line to reach Environmental Services.

When doing evaluations of food and beverage vendors, inspectors check to see that food is at safe temperatures, equipment used in food handling is clean and in good working condition, and that foods are stored in a way to keep them safe.

While evaluating the booth, food tent or food truck, the inspectors make sure it is clean and workers are handling food in a safe and sanitary manner.

“We’re putting all the measures in place to make sure that the event is safe for our residents,” said Ginger Johnson, Wake County Environmental Consultant. “We do all of this to ensure our community is safe from foodborne illnesses. For a relatively short time we inspect hundreds of vendors, and all of them have been very cooperative, making sure that all the required standards are reached.”

Want to learn more? Check out NC State Fair website.

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