Wake County Land Disturbance Permit Expirations

On August 15, Governor Cooper officially rescinded Executive Order 116 which had been the trigger for the automatically extended development approval/expiration timelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please check your project expiration dates in the Wake County Portal. If your land disturbance permit has expired or was extended to January 12, 2023, you will need to renew your permit. Also check to see if any of the contacts have changed on your existing Financial FRO form and if so, a new FRO form will need to be completed and uploaded to the Portal. There will be a 30-day grace period to get these permits renewed.


1)Renew for land disturbance permit at original permitted acreage for 1 or 2-years.

2)Submit 1-page revision ($75) completed by your engineer that shows the active land disturbance plus that to be completed compared to the land disturbance footprint completed with permanent groundcover. This revision will need to be field verified with the Environmental Consultant and possibly modified if discrepancies. Once the acreage is agreed, a new Financial Responsibility/Ownership Form will need to be completed.

The renewal fee will be invoiced. Once payment is made, a new land disturbance permit will need to be issued.

If questions, please contact your usual Wake County Environmental Consultant/E&SC Inspector or if you cannot reach that person any of the following people: Karyn Pageau (919-796-8769), Brian Wall (919-614-6546), Scott Reams (919-868-4986), Jeevan Neupane (919-819-8907), or Betsy Pearce (919-868-6414). Please be prepared with which option that you would like to select #1 or #2, the Project Name, Project Number: S00XXXX or SEC-XXXXXX-XXXX, and the Watershed Name: Falls Lake, Middle Creek, Marks Creek, etc.

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