Medical Protocols

Paramedic equipment inside an ambulance

Our medical protocol document is known as the Wake County EMS System Standards and Practice, which is a set of written orders from the medical director that outline patient treatment options for use by our paramedics and EMTs. The protocols consist of “standing orders,” meaning paramedics and EMTs can directly begin treatments based on criteria outlined in the document. 

Our protocols are continuously reviewed, and formal revisions are made on an annual basis or more frequently as required. All changes must be approved by the Wake County Peer Review Committee and the North Carolina Office of EMS prior to implementation. 

Important Note: The Wake County EMS System Standards and Practice document is published for informational use only. Use of any information in this document must occur within an established EMS system and under the direct approval of the system’s medical director. 

Wake County EMS System Standards and Practice 2023 (update 9/25/23)

Infectious Disease Response Suite

COVID Vaccine Update for EMS - Video Series
Important Note:  These videos were recorded on Dec. 14, 2020 to share information internally with Wake County EMS providers so that they could make an informed decision on receiving the vaccine.  However, we're sharing these videos because we believe the information may be useful to anyone interested in learning about the vaccine. 

Keep in mind that some of the circumstances of the information included has changed since the time of recording on Dec. 14, 2020.  

Infections Disease Response Plan
Ebola Interim Guidance for EMS 2014-10-24

Wake County EMS PPE Donning Procedure
Wake County EMS PPE Doffing Procedure
Wake County EMS Temperature Measurement Procedure

Law Enforcement Interim Ebola Guidance - Background Info
Law Enforcement Interim Ebola Guidance - Scene Recommendations