Connect to Services

There are several pathways to behavioral healthcare in Wake County. The right one for you will depend on how you pay for behavioral healthcare. Most people are either privately insured (Blue Cross Blue Shield, for instance) or enrolled in Medicare. 

If you have private insurance –  health insurance you receive from your job, the affordable care act (Obamacare), or that you pay for out of pocket – you should start your search for behavioral health services there. Your insurance company will be able to guide you through care options that will suit your needs and be covered under your plan. 

If you’re enrolled in Medicaid, you can access behavioral health services through Alliance Behavioral Health.

Alliance Behavioral Health

Are you uninsured, underinsured or covered by Medicaid and looking to access care related to Mental Health, Substance Abuse or Developmental Disabilities?

Alliance Behavioral Healthcare manages Mental Health, Substance Use, and Developmental Disability care for Wake County residents receiving Medicaid. They are able to connect uninsured and underinsured individuals with care as well, although that process can be a little more complicated.
Alliance does not directly provide services. Their job is to ensure that individuals seeking help receive the quality services and supports they are eligible for to help them achieve their goals and live as independently as possible.
They can help you sort through your options. Start by giving them a call, or you can learn more on their website.
The call is toll-free and our Access Specialists and Clinicians are available 24/7. They can conduct a telephone screening and offer a referral to your choice of appropriate service providers. They can also provide help for people dealing with a behavioral health crisis, and offer information on other resources available in your community.

Other behavioral healthcare services providers operating in Wake County can be found on the Wake Network of Care. These providers will range from private practices to non-profits. Each provider found on the site is an individual organization with their own requirements for accessing services. 

Wake Network of Care

The Wake Network of Care is an online resource that puts all Behavioral Health providers into one place online. One site. Every provider. Accurate and complete. 

There are lots of Behavioral Healthcare providers in Wake County. Some are ran by Wake County government, some are non-profits, and some are businesses. You can search through every Behavioral Healthcare provider on the Wake Network of Care website. You can find providers for different types of needs, learn more about health problems in the Wake Network of Care library, and find other social services that you might be looking for. The Wake Network of Care is a really big resource.