Budget & Management Services

Budget & Management Services is the lead department performing county-wide resource monitoring, management analysis and program evaluation. The team:

  • Designs, guides and executes the annual budget process and compiles the annual budget information for all Wake County government services
  • Provides financial information and policy analysis to the Board and County Manager
  • Advises departments on financial conditions; Provides research and analysis for any department requesting assistance
  • Leads and assists in special projects

Play the 'Counties Work' Game!

The “Counties Work” game is an engaging and educational web-based simulation that immerses players in the essential functions that county governments often provide day-to-day and the budget tradeoffs required. Users of all ages can explore the complexities and difficulties of managing a fictional county with this interactive game created by the National Association of Counties (NACO).

Play Now

Through the Counties Work game, you can:

  • Make Decisions: Make decisions on local issues to get firsthand insight of duties and difficulties entailed in the position of a county official.
  • Develop Expertise: Recognize the complexities involved in responding to community growth and providing public services.
  • Explore Tradeoffs: Play NACO’s interactive online game to learn about the challenges in the budgetary process and resource allocation, similar to the techniques used in counties across the country.

This game provides an interactive approach to learn about county government operations and the value of civic engagement, whether you're a student, teacher, or engaged resident. Learn more about the game here and use the link below to begin your adventure into the world of county government.

Play the NACO Counties Work Game Now