Wake County Justice Center

The Wake County Justice Center includes courts as well as the following county departments: Budget & Management Services, Board of Commissioners, County Attorney, County Manager, Finance, Communications, Tax Administration and Register of Deeds.

Wake County Justice Center

Visiting the Justice Center

Each person entering the Justice Center will be required to go through a security checkpoint.

Weapons and items such as mace, scissors and knives are prohibited in the Justice Center.


County Services

Use McDowell Street entrance and elevators:

  • Budget & Management, 4th Floor
  • Commissioners’ Meeting Room, 2nd Floor
  • County Attorney, 4th Floor
  • County Commissioners, 4th Floor
  • County Manager, 4th Floor
  • Finance (and Bids), 2nd Floor
  • Marriage and Vital Records, 1st Floor
  • Communications Office, 4th Floor
  • Register of Deeds, 1st Floor
  • Tax Administration, 3rd Floor

Courts & Services

Use Salisbury Street entrance and elevators:

  • Clerk of Court – Cashier, 2nd Floor
  • Clerk of Court – Criminal District, 1st Floor
  • Clerk of Superior Court Administration, 2nd Floor
  • District Attorney, 8th Floor
  • Jury Assembly, 3rd Floor
  • Probation and Parole, 3rd Floor
  • Public Defender, 5th Floor
  • Southlight, 2nd Floor
  • Traffic Tickets, 1st Floor