Core Values

Group of people walking and holding hands

Our Core Values define what is truly important to Wake County and guide everything we do.

Essential to our success, these values are the foundation of our organization and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision. They guide how we conduct ourselves, how we work with each other, and how we interact with the communities in which we serve.

Act with integrity

Act with honesty, transparency and respect in our interactions with co-workers and those we serve. Adhere, without exception, to laws, policies, procedures and professional standards.

Be accountable

Establish high-quality standards for our work. We add value. Measure results and hold ourselves and one another accountable for making progress toward our desired outcomes. Take a logical and data-driven approach to decision making.

Embrace diversity

Believe that different backgrounds and experiences strengthen the organization and produce better results. Value inclusion across race, color, national origin, gender identity, age, religion, sex, disability and experience, and strive to reflect in our workforce the diversity of our community.

Work together

Foster a work culture in which different ideas and opinions are encouraged and expected. Listen carefully and speak thoughtfully. Achieve greater success when we work together toward shared goals with mutual respect and cooperation. No one is in this alone.

Make it better

Continuously improve our work processes and products. Provide a safe environment to be innovative and creative and try new things. When things don’t go as planned, we use it as an opportunity to learn, regroup and begin again. Provide time and resources for individuals to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Nurture health and well-being

Inspire and empower employees and their families to live their best lives by taking proactive steps to be physically fit and healthy, emotionally strong, financially secure and socially fulfilled. Offer high-quality workplace wellness programs and activities to help achieve personal health goals, as well as the time and tools to support active participation.

Serve with passion and empathy

Commit to making a difference within our community. Actively engage in and enjoy our work. Deliver services that exceed expectations, with courtesy, politeness and sensitivity to the experiences, concerns and feelings of all co-workers and customers.