Behavioral Health

Behavioral Healthcare treats mental illness and substance abuse. Wake County supports our community's Behavioral Health needs by maintaining current systems of care, investing in research and resources, and collaborating with capable people and organizations. Check the options below for more information.

The partnerships comprising the county's behavioral health system are as diverse as our residents. They include:

  • Government
  • Private care providers
  • Nonprofits
  • Insurance companies
  • Universities

All work to care for and improve the behavioral health of Wake County residents. With our shifting demographics and rapid growth, Wake's behavioral health needs are increasing and changing, as well.

One key partnership is with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, which manages all public mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services in Wake County. If you are enrolled in Medicare, uninsured or underinsured and need help accessing behavioral healthcare, visit Alliance Behavioral Healthcare or contact its 24-hour Access and Information line at 800-510-9132 to access a wide array of services.

The 2019–2020 Wake County Behavioral Health Plan articulates a vision for behavioral health in Wake County around five focus areas:

  • Crisis Services
  • Criminal Justice
  • Access & Coordination
  • Familiar Faces
  • Housing

Wake Crisis Assessment Report

In July 2022, Wake County engaged Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) to assess our county’s behavioral health crisis service system. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the current continuum of crisis services and compare those to national best practices. This study helps identify strengths and gaps in available services and makes recommendations for system improvements, most needed services and most effective uses of county funds. It also takes into consideration potential state and federal policy changes that might impact behavioral health services in the coming years.

HSRI completed their work in May 2023 and the final report is available.

Moving forward, the County and partners will use this report to help guide our decisions. We will deliberately and thoughtfully review the findings and recommendations and work with partners to continue to improve the crisis continuum in Wake County.