Wake County's New Website

A New Wake.gov, Designed for You

Learn how we collaborated with Interpersonal Frequency to build a website that serves the needs of all our residents and visitors.

Putting People First, In Person and Online

In Wake County, we strive to deliver information and services in effective and innovative ways to improve the lives of our residents and visitors. We wanted our website to reflect this same spirit. Interpersonal Frequency (I.F.), our partner for this project, applied its Voice of Citizen® tool to measure why people visit our site, whether they’re able to complete their task successfully, and where the breakdown happens when they aren’t. We used these insights to develop priorities and public profiles that became the foundation for our new site.

Humanizing Access to Government

Focusing on our citizens’ needs first, we developed a clean and modern design for Wake.gov that is welcoming and accessible. We have organized, and will continue to organize, our site’s content to elevate the most timely and critical information. We tried to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, and optimized it to work well across all devices and at all bandwidths.

Flexible and Future-Ready

Our site’s flexibility will allow us to grow and engage with our residents in new and innovative ways while adapting to our county’s evolving needs. Working with our partner I.F., we will continue to implement future adjustments and enhancements to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

To learn more about Interpersonal Frequency and this project, visit their website.