Great Government

Goal GG 1: Engage our community to envision the County's future.

  • GG 1.1: Develop and implement strategies to improve community engagement.
  • GG 1.2: Increase opportunities for public engagement during the budget process.


Goal GG 2: Embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • GG 2.1: Support the "A Better Wake" partnership and launch implementation efforts to address systemic racism and its impacts on communities of color.
  • GG 2.2: Communicate Wake County government proceedings and services by advancing language access, including non-English and sign languages and other communication barriers.
  • GG 2.3: Support the capacity-building, development, and implementation of the County's diversity, equity, and inclusivity initiatives.


Goal GG 3: Maintain a culture that values and supports our employees.

  • GG 3.1: Strengthen employee recruitment, compensation, retention, and upward mobility.
  • GG 3.2: Demonstrate appreciation for veterans and military families by increasing veteran employment opportunities and recognizing the County's veteran workforce.
  • GG 3.3: Support active recruitment of justice-involved individuals to fill eligible positions in Wake County.


Goal GG 4: Improve resident and customer experiences through efficient, high-quality, data-driven service delivery and continuous innovation.

  • GG 4.1: Establish and maintain a county-wide performance management program to support operational excellence.
  • GG 4.2: Build and deploy the resources to assist departments with obtaining and maximizing effective data analytics.
  • GG 4.3: Leverage federal, state, private, and nonprofit grant opportunities supporting County services and programs.


Goal GG 5: Strengthen governance structures and processes that preserve ethics, accountability, and effective decision-making.

  • GG 5.1: Clarify the Board's process to identify federal and state legislative goals.
  • GG 5.2: Implement improvements to County advisory boards and commissions.
  • GG 5.3: Enable Commissioners to participate and engage in professional development and leadership opportunities at the local, state, national, and international levels.