Growth & Sustainability

Goal GS 1: Preserve and enhance the County residents' quality of life through coordinated land use and transportation planning.

  • GS 1.1: Identify and develop amendments for consideration by the Board of Commissioners to the Wake County Unified Development Ordinance that integrate with PLANWake (the comprehensive land use plan) and establish clear and efficient development reviews and standards.
  • GS 1.2: Collaborate with municipalities to explore and implement policies that increase residential housing supply and density.
  • GS 1.3: Partner with key stakeholders to develop and implement a countywide vision to strengthen Wake County's quality of place.


Goal GS 2: Encourage the use of public transit.

  • GS 2.1: Create affordable housing along transit corridors by leveraging public land.
  • GS 2.2: Participate in the planning and execution of multi-modal transportation and commuter rail.


Goal GS 3: Preserve and protect a clean and abundant water supply.

  • GS 3.1: Collaborate with the Water Partnership to develop and implement a 50-year One Water Plan to equitably support all aspects of our growing population and preserve our limited natural resources.
  • GS 3.2: Explore interventions to improve well water conditions in vulnerable communities equitably. Provide technical assistance to impacted residents and connect them to resources.


Goal GS 4: Preserve open space and expand access to parks, preserves, recreation resources, and greenways.

  • GS 4.1: Pursue facility plans for future parks, greenways, nature preserves, and open space, including discussions about the timing of future bonds and dedicated revenue streams.


Goal GS 5: Promote sustainability and address issues associated with climate change.

  • GS 5.1: Support County efforts to achieve clean energy by 2050.
  • GS 5.2: Partner with Wake County Public Schools, Wake Technical Community College, municipalities, and others to identify and implement clean energy projects that increase energy conservation and renewable energy production.