Public Safety

Goal PS 1: Provide a safe community where all residents feel equally served and protected.

  • PS 1.1: Develop and implement an action plan to address Criminal Justice system disparities referenced in the "A Better Wake" report.
  • PS 1.2: Collaborate with community partners to develop and implement a comprehensive gun violence reduction plan using a public health approach.
  • PS 1.3: Assess local trends and implement strategies to assist crime victims by connecting them to services and resources, especially those in marginalized populations and communities experiencing crime victimization at disproportionate rates.


Goal PS 2: Support justice-involved residents rejoining the community through diversion, detention-based programs, and re-entry to improve health and well-being.

  • PS 2.1: Provide restorative discipline to assist students and youth involved in the justice system.


Goal PS 3: Provide sustainable, high-quality public safety and emergency management services to meet the community's current and future needs.

  • PS 3.1: Assess and resolve the challenges associated with the processing and routing of 911 calls through public safety answering points (PSAPs).


Goal PS 4: Ensure that first responders' diversity, health, mental health, and well-being are provided for in all public safety agencies.

  • PS 4.1: Connect and better support veterans in public safety careers.