Rehoming Your Pet

Before making the decision to rehome your pet, consider all options: Do you have friends or family that can help you? Are there community resources that can provide relief? Is the predicament you find yourself in permanent, or could there be a temporary solution?

Community Resources

Our priority is keeping pets in homes; here’s a list of resources for those who just need a little extra help. 

  • Pet Food
  • Behavioral Issues/Training 
    • The AKC GoodDog Helpline: “A live telephone service that offers individualized training advice for all owners and their dogs, ranging from new puppies to senior dogs exhibiting new, unwanted behaviors.” 
    • Dog & Baby Support Line (1-877-247-3407): “Immediate access to dog professionals who specialize in dog and baby/toddler dynamics for urgent situations.” 
    • A bored pet can be a destructive pet. For ideas on how to entertain your pet, check out our Pet Enrichment guide.
    • Some behavioral issues can be mitigated by spaying or neutering your pet (especially house-training and roaming/escaping). Low-cost options can be found here. 
  • General Assistance 
    • SPCA Wake’s Helpline: “Provides free advice or guidance for whatever pet needs or concerns you may have. Whether you need help managing your cat's or dog's behavior or need information on affordable spay/neuter services, veterinary care, housing, placement, or anything else.” 

Need help with something else? Emergency vet care, temporary boarding, pet supplies (like a crate), etc.? Call us during normal business hours at 919-212-7387 or email to see if we can assist.

Go Back to the Source 

If you adopted your pet from a rescue or shelter, purchased your pet through a breeder, or took over ownership from a friend or family member, get in touch! Even if you have moved, circumstances may have changed and the original owner may be able to help you; even if they can’t take the pet back, they may have other resources or suggestions.

Reach the Right Owner

You want your pet to be in a safe, happy home. When looking for a new home or family, be honest and be thorough. Make sure you disclose any behaviors or quirks that may be a deal-breaker. 

Don’t forget to talk to family, friends and neighbors. We’re often contacted by people who knew the pet and would have taken them in if they had just known the owner needed help. A new home could be one conversation away. 

Make your pet more attractive. We’re not necessarily talking about a pawdicure, but that might help! People who are looking for a pet most often want one that is fully vaccinated, friendly, healthy, and spayed or neutered. Being house-trained and good with children and other pets are big bonuses. You may not be able to change your pets likes or dislikes, but you can make sure you set them up for success by taking them to the vet, getting them spayed or neutered, and getting some basic training out of the way. 

Charging a rehoming fee will not necessarily lead to a better home, but asking the right questions might. Instead of asking for money or proof of financial stability, check their veterinarian and personal references. Ask to do a home visit, so you and your pet can get to know them and their situation.

Rehoming Online

Posting Flyers

Does your dog enjoy going for runs or long walks? Ask if you can put a flyer up at your local gym. Is your cat a rockstar at the vet? Ask them if you can put up a flyer or if they know of anyone looking for just the right new companion. Post flyers in public places – your pet might catch someone’s eye!

Other Resources

Need to find your pet a new home? | The Humane Society of the United States

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Full List of Active Transfer Partners

Surrendering to the Wake County Animal Center

If you are a resident of Wake County and have been unable to rehome your pet on your own, or are experiencing an urgent situation, you can request an intake appointment at WCAC to surrender your pet. You will be required to show proof that you have tried to rehome your pet, such as links to or screenshots of their listings on or other websites. Appointments are dependent on space available; there is no guarantee that you will be contacted, so please continue to search for other options for your pet.