Logo Usage

Download official Wake County logo files, color and monochromatic, in multiple file formats. Learn about permissions and guidelines for proper usage of the logo and whom to contact for various uses.

Official Wake County Logo Files and Manual 

Wake County's official logo is one of its most recognizable symbols and is widely reproduced in County materials, documentation and online.

The Wake County logo is the official trademark of Wake County. It is registered to Wake County pursuant to the North Carolina Trademark Registration Act (N.C.G.S. Chapter 80) and should not be used without the express permission of Wake County. Any infringement or unauthorized use could subject the user to civil and criminal liability. To apply for permission to use the Wake County logo, please contact a member of the Communications Office.

The logo is available for use by the media and is provided in color and black and white. To learn more about the proper use of the Wake County logo and its colors and construction, read the Wake County Logo Manual or contact one of the following:

Before using the Wake County logo, please read the Wake County Logo Manual.

Wake County Logo Files in JPEG Format

To download one of these logo files:

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Wake County logo in color, .jpg format
Wake County logo in Black, JPEG format
Wake County Logo in White, JPEG format

Other File Formats

To download a logo file:

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Full Color

Solid Black

Solid White