Public Swimming Pools – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about public swimming pool inspections, rules and regulations. If your question is not addressed here, or if you need additional information, please contact Environmental Services at 919-856-7400.

How do I apply for a pool permit? How do I get my pool opened?

Existing seasonal pools will receive an invoice in the mail in March. Once payment has been made, check the Swimming Pool List to verify we have received payment (marked as “Paid”) and to determine which inspector to call to request an inspection. The list will be updated by April 1st with inspector assignments each year. The inspector will collect this application during the inspection.

What are the fees for a pool permit?

The annual pool permit fee is $300 for each pool, wading pool, spa or sprayground. The fee is the same for seasonal and year-round pools.

When will I receive an invoice for the pool permit?

Each year, invoices for year-round pools are mailed in December, and invoices for seasonal pools are mailed in March.

How do I update the billing address for a pool?

Send an email with the information that needs to be updated to

How do I sign up for the Wake County Certified Pool Operators Exam?

Call Environmental Services at 919-856-7400 for available test times and to get signed up. We are not set up to accommodate walk-in customers for the exam.

There is no fee, and anyone can sign up to take the test to be Wake County-certified. To prepare, study the Wake County Swimming Pool Regulations.

How do I get a copy of the VGB documentation on file for my pool?

To request the VGB documentation we have on file, you will need to submit a public record request to Wake County. Enter your information and a description of the request. As part of your request, include the name and address of the pool and select “VGB and Pools” for the Department. Please allow several days for processing.

When will my pool be inspected?

All existing seasonal pools must call to request an inspection. Inspections can be scheduled after April 1st. Check the Swimming Pool List online to determine who to call to schedule an inspection.

How do I know if my pool is seasonal or year round?

Pool ID numbers that begin with 50, 51, 52 and 56 are seasonal pools. Pool ID numbers that begin with 53, 54, 55 and 57 are year-round pools. Check the Swimming Pool List if you do not know your pool ID number.

How do I apply for a year-round pool permit?

Pools currently identified as year-round pools qualify for a year-round permit. In Wake County, pools must be indoor or heated to qualify for a year-round permit. Seasonal pools that would like to become year round can contact for more information.

I have a newly constructed pool, how do I get it inspected?

Newly constructed pools that are requesting an operation permit for the first time have a different process than existing pools. Please contact Rob Richardson at 919-868-9253 or to request an inspection.

How long does it take for the Swimming Pool List to reflect my mailed payment?

Please allow 7–10 business days for the report online to be updated with payment received (“Paid”) status. It is not updated until the funds are received by Wake County. If you have a question regarding payment status, please email

The Certified Pool Operator has changed for the pool, how do I notify Environmental Services?

All public pools in Wake County are required to have operator on file with required certifications (Wake County and other approved course). Please send an email to with the name of the individual and their CPO certificate information.

I have lost my Wake County CPO certificate; how do I get a new one?

Please send an email to to request a copy of your certificate.