Environmental Services Administration

NACO Award seal 2021

Environmental Services provides education, regulates activities and partners with the community to advance health and safety, food protection, solid waste recycling and disposal, animal care and control, onsite wastewater disposal, groundwater well protection, soil erosion control and water quality.

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Mission: The Administration Division leads sustainable and nationally recognized service deliveries for all segments of Environmental Services. ​

Vision:  Environmental Services is recognized as a national leader in innovative administrative service delivery and commitment to customer​ satisfaction that makes Wake County a great place to live and do business


The Administration Division provides leadership and supports the overall mission of the Environmental Services Department. It is the primary point of contact for internal and external customers including the Wake County Board of Commissioners and the office of the County Manager. This section oversees implementation of new policies, coordinates planning, supports Local Health Department re-accreditation, and participates in inter-departmental initiatives.

Joseph Threadcraft, Ph.D., P.E. 

Environmental Services Director


Caroline Loop, Ph.D., P.G.

Environmental Services Deputy Director

Eric Green

Operations Analysis Program Manager

Emerson Barker

Business Manager


Operations Analysis

Operations Analysis section works within the department to provide support for project management, process improvement, data management, data analytics, and technology enhancements/management.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Financial and Budget Management Group (FBMG), located within Environmental Services Administration promotes responsible resource allocation and long-term economic sustainability that supports County and departmental strategies and initiatives. This is done through accounting, budgeting, financial analysis and leadership. FBMG manages outcomes by engaging managers and supervisors in discussion and analysis of their financial results, trends, risks, and opportunities, provides financial support to operating plans to quantify needs and metrics, and sets clear timelines and deliverables for the budget process. FBMG encourages divisions to plan for multiple years by:

  1. Advancing business trend analysis that includes any new regulatory, legal, or economic changes that impact the business.
  2. Developing staffing and business models with sensitivity analysis to understand future impact and see changes well in advance to manage outcomes.


Customer Support

The Environmental Services Customer Support Center receives permit applications, answers Wake County residents' questions regarding Solid Waste, Water Quality, and Environmental Health and Safety, and completes research requests, in addition to other administrative functions. To reach the Environmental Services Customer Support Center dial 919-856-7400 or email escustomersupport@wake.gov

Office Hours: 8:15 a.m.–5:15 p.m.
Phone Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Awards & Recognition

Modernizing Solid Waste Management Analysis and Reporting

NACO Award seal 2021

Wake County, NC
Program Year: 2021

On December 1, 2020, the Solid Waste Management Division migrated its weighing, billing and collection system to a new system where transaction history did not transfer. Consequently, the Finance staff no longer had data available to do routine work, meet deadlines, and conduct business trend analysis, reporting and forecasting. Finance staff partnered with Wake County Information Systems to create a Power BI app that would combine the two databases and address data needs. The programmer showed creativity and resourcefulness when creating the weekly year-over-year comparison analysis by finding a calendar where each fiscal year starts with the nearest Monday to July 1. With an investment of approximately 100 hours of staff time identifying business requirements, programming, testing, adjusting and training, Finance staff was able to use the app on January 15 and has met deadlines and conducted trend analysis ever since and will continue to do so year after year. This modest investment will save approximately 150 hours annually while providing accurate information. In addition, our response time for customer payment inquires have been reduced by 60%.

Ms. Anarosa P Jones
Environmental Services Business Manager

Public Health Re-Accreditation

Accreditation Seal 2025

Wake County Public Health and Environmental Health Divisions achieved reaccreditation status as of November 22, 2019!

The focus of North Carolina’s Local Health Department Accreditation (NCLHDA) is on the capacity of the local health department to perform at a prescribed, basic level of quality the three core functions of assessment, policy development, and assurance and the ten essential services of public health. By achieving this legislatively mandated status, the Wake County Public Health and Environmental Health Divisions are united with the 84 other accredited health departments in North Carolina in carrying forth the NCLHDA mission of seeking to improve the health of all citizens and enhancing the quality of local public health.

"The Accreditation Board has a true appreciation for all the hard work completed by your governing board and health department staff. Achieving reaccreditation is truly an accomplishment that your health department and community should be very proud of. The Accreditation Board appreciates your dedication to improving the public’s health in N.C."