Fire Tax District

The Wake County Fire Commission makes formal recommendations to the Wake County Board of Commissioners regarding fire protection and emergency services delivery for the departments that are covered under its purview.

Roles of Fire Commission Members

  • Review and make recommendations on operating budget requests. 
  • Review and make recommendations on CIP budget requests. 
  • Review and support firefighter and volunteer incentive retention and recruitment programs. 
  • Make recommendations to the Wake County Board of Commissioners for continued improvement of the fire protection system.  
  • Review ISO and consultants reports and recommend action for improvement as deemed necessary. 
  • Develop and provide overview of all service district operational regulations and guidelines for the Wake County fire protection service district.


Fire Commission Members

Chairman/East Region Representative
Chris Perry
East Region Alternate
Chris Ward
North Region Primary
Ron Early
North Region Alternate
David McNulty
South Region Primary
Leroy Smith
South Region Alternate
Matt Poole
West Region Primary
Mike Gerke
West Region Alternate
Tim Herman
Town of Wendell
Jason Joyner
Town Manager Rep Alternate
Joe Moore
County Commissioner Rep
Matt Calabria
County Commissioner Alternate
Shinica Thomas
Fire Chief's Association
Todd Wright
​Nancy Anderson
Satish Garimella
Robert Overton
Larry Stanford
Cost Share Rep Primary
Brandon Zuidema
Cost Share Rep Alternate
Joe Moore

Subject Matter Expert
Robert Stagg

Board of Directors Rep Primary
Brian McFeaters
Board of Directors Rep Alternate
Ian Toms


Fire Tax District Contacts

Deputy Director - Operations
Responsible for overall management of the Fire Tax District and the liaison between county government, public and nonprofit agencies.
Joseph Vindigni

Logistics Manager
Responsible for providing logistical support to the Fire Tax District.
Roger Davenport

System Administrator - Fire Services
Performs data research and administrative support to the Fire Tax District.
Chris Hoffman