College Hunger & Basic Needs

College Basic Needs in Wake County

Wake County is home to six universities. Many students struggle to get help because they are unsure of where to look. Often students are facing more than one issue, for example many foods insecure student also struggle to find affordable housing.

SNAP Goes to College Webinar Series

Webinar Series Information

Online series designed to help college students navigate the world of food assistance!

Whether you're a current student or about to start your college journey, these webinars packed with valuable information including:

  • Ensuring access to nutritious meals while pursuing your education
  • Identifying food insecurity in your community
  • Understanding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Developing your own food assistance project

Food Assistance for College Students (Q&A with More in My Basket at NC State)

Food Pantry Grants and Partners

Resources for College Hunger

Drafted Syllabus Addition for Wake County Professors

It is difficult to be successful as a student when basic needs are not being met. As a student you should have a safe place to sleep as well as nutritious food. If you feel your performance is being affected by either of theses factors, please reach out to me, _________________, and/or the student services provided at _________________________. Please check out the Wake County Student Resource Guide for more resources or information.

College Hunger & Basic Needs VISTA

The College Hunger & Basic Needs VISTA deals with student food and housing resources. They address the lack of support and recourses that students in postsecondary education experience.

Ongoing Projects

  • College Hunger & Basic Needs VISTA Cam Phipps is currently helping with the HOST Program, Housing Options for Students Today. The program matches students in need of housing with a host who provides them with a safe place to stay. Students are also paired with a case manager, who works to find them more affordable permanent housing. To learn more visit HOST (
  • Cam is also working to create Students Supporting Students, a future group planning to be active in all six universities in Wake County dedicated to student basic needs.

Resources & Media

Student Resource Guide
A compiled list of resources for any student experiencing insecurity.

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Cameron Phipps, VISTA
College Hunger & Basic Needs