Crabtree Creek Watershed

Crabtree Creek Watershed

Crabtree Creek Watershed

The Crabtree Creek Watershed Project (“CCWP”) was built under the authority of the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act of 1954. The CCWP is comprised of approximately 90,750 total acres located in Wake and Durham Counties and contains 10 flood control structures which include engineered components, flood pool and flood easements. They were assembled on behalf of the federal government for the purpose of preventing loss of life and managing sediment, erosion and property damage caused by flooding within the Crabtree Creek Watershed. Wake County (“County”) manages the 10 structures as the local sponsor to the Natural Resource Conservation Service (“NRCS”) of the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”). They are federally subsidized. Each Structure is identified by a corresponding number (ex. Structure No. 1, 2, 3, 5A, 11A, 13, 18, 20A, 22B, or 23). Pursuant to the Operation and Maintenance Agreement with the Soil and Water Conservation Service, later named Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Wake County is obligated to perform maintenance on said structures, perform annual inspections with the NRCS and prohibit the development, encroachment or installation of any improvements that interfere with their operation or modify their original design.

Public Meetings

Site 3A | Bond Lake

Site #5-A | Page Lake

Crabtree Creek Watershed Structure No 5.A

Public Scope Meeting on April 12, 2023

Site #18 | Cole's Branch

Crabtree Creek Watershed Structure No 18

Public Scope Meeting on April 20, 2023