iMAPS Information

Wake County GIS and Raleigh GIS developed the iMAPS online interactive mapping application to provide easy access to reliable property information. Users can look up properties by owner name, address, place of interest or intersection and retrieve a variety of maps and property information. Help pages are available to make iMAPS easy to use.

See FAQs for help to improve iMAPS performance.

All parcel data shown reflects tax records as of November 20, 2023.  The property values will remain frozen/static until the week of January 15, 2024. In addition, there will be some delay in newly mapped properties appearing in iMAPS and Permitting Systems during this time period.  This data freeze is in preparation for the 2024 countywide revaluation.  Property ownership for current properties will continue to be updated nightly in iMAPS.  We appreciate your patience.



Why can’t I find the specific Book of Maps (BOM) page where my lot/tract is located?

Wake County Register of Deeds began accepting electronic recording (eRecording) of plat/subdivision and condominium maps on September 1st, 2021. Survey maps with multiple pages that are filed electronically AND have more than one page are grouped into one document. They will now be recorded under the first page number of the multiple page series. 

To access the lot/tract of interest, you can:

  • Click the ‘Book of Maps’ link and scroll to view additional pages OR
  • Check the ‘Property Description’ field for the BOM page series reference 

Why is there a new version of iMAPS?

We strive to maintain a stable and reliable iMAPS application designed to be easy to use. From time to time, we need to update the application so that we can continue to support it and to provide new functions that customers have requested.

How do I change the map background?

- Background maps have been moved into the Basemaps panel in the bar on the right side. Click the button with the four squares, then select the Streets button at the top of the panel.

- Aerial photography is now found in the Basemaps panel on the right. Click the button with the four squares, then select the Imagery button at the top of the panel.

- Dark mode can be accessed from the menu in the upper right corner. Look for Theme and select Dark. iMAPS will remember this setting the next time you use it.

Where can I download the data in iMAPS for use in spreadsheets or GIS software?

Where can I download standard PDF maps?

Where is the information for Crime Data?

The Crime Data for the City of Raleigh is now available via the Crime Mapping website.

Can you give me additional information about a city or town layer?

If you have questions related to municipal zoning, corporate limits or utilities layers please contact the appropriate municipal department.

How can I order a custom map?

Need additional help or want to give feedback?

Contact or 919-856-6370 for more help. 

Or use the Feedback Form