Wake House Visitation Center

The Child Welfare Wake House Visitation Center is the only visitation center of its kind in the State. It provides supervised and monitored visitation between a parent and child in the custody of Child Welfare to support, strengthen and assess the parent-child relationship resulting in shorter lengths of stay and higher reunification rates. The center provides the opportunity for parents to learn and demonstrate positive interactions and parenting of children in a home-like setting. Potential interaction opportunities include meal preparation, personal care, homework and preparing for school. 

Wake House Goals

  • Rates of reunification within 15-months will increase 
  • Parents will exhibit effective parenting skills  
  • Parents will demonstrate safe and nurturing parent-child engagement 
  • Parents will demonstrate effective communication that will enhance child growth and development in all settings 
  • Parents will identify and use supportive people in their lives  

Who Do We Serve?

  • Children in foster care and their families 

What Do We Offer?

  • Visit Coordination 
  • Supervised Visitation 
  • Documented Observations 
  • Evening and Weekend Visits 
  • Parent Education 
  • Passes/Tickets to community events and places 
  • Transportation of children 

For more information,
Email: cw.visitationservices@wake.gov 
Phone: 919-856-7019 

Shared Parenting

With support and needed services, many families can safely care for their children.  Foster parents play a vital role in supporting and nurturing children and their families.  

More information about Shared Parenting

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