Departure HHS Center Community Advocacy Committee (CAC)

Every Wake County Regional Center and Health & Human Services Center has a Community Advocacy Committee (CAC). These volunteer groups work within communities to ensure quality services are available for residents of that area. Members include local residents, community partners (representing private businesses, non-profit groups, government entities and educational associations) and county staff. They work together to identify and prioritize local needs. The committee also serves as a forum for sharing information, coordinating services and involving the community in a shared decision-making process.


The CAC is committed to working within their regional communities and rural service areas to ensure quality services for Wake County residents. The committee serves as a resource to Wake County, the Health & Human Services Board and staff of the Health & Human Services Center during both initial and ongoing planning activities. This includes helping identify and prioritize needs as well as supporting the implementation of plans that address these service needs. The committee serves as a forum for information sharing that increases coordination and service linkages within the community and encourages broad-based community decision-making in the development of service strategies.


The Vision of the Departure Health & Human Services Center CAC is to be a diverse, networked community catalyst achieving measurable outcomes that help our neighbors thrive.

Community Advocacy Committee Functions:

  • Identify community needs
  • In partnership with the community, identify, develop and support collaborative solutions to address community needs
  • Make recommendations for new programs and services, or improvements in services
  • Educate the community about the kinds of services and resources offered at the Departure HHS Center and in the community at large, and how to access services

The CAC meets monthly on the 2nd Friday from 9–11 a.m. at the Departure Health & Human Services Center.

Community Advocacy Committee Members

Stephanie Treadway, Chair, & Vanesa Guzman, Co-Chair

Petra Hager, Michael Ballen, Charlie Twitty, Monica Valenzuela, Phillis Narron, Lesley Franciscy, Jahyeda Casiano, Susannah Bishop, Maty Ferrer Hoppman, Doug Gamble, James W. Gocke, Kathy Herriman, Dr. Bryan Saunders, Brenda Schneider

To learn more or contact us:

If you are interested in becoming a member, attending a meeting or for more information, contact the Departure Health and Human Services Center Director, Petra Hager, at 919-431-4000 or