Community Alternatives Program - CAP

Nurse attending to a patient at home

The Community Alternatives Programs (CAP) allow North Carolina to use Medicaid funds to provide home-and community-based services to Medicaid beneficiaries who require placement in a nursing facility, but for whom care can be provided cost-effectively and safely in the community with CAP services. 

North Carolina has CAP waivers to provide services to a limited number of persons in specific groups within the state: 

CAP for children (CAP/C) 

To get on the waiting list for CAP/C, contact any of the following organizations: 

CAP for disabled adults (CAP/DA) 

To get on the waiting list for CAP/DA contact: 
Resources for Seniors 

CAP Innovations for intellectually/developmentally disabled children or adults 

To get on the waiting list for CAP Innovations contact :
Alliance Health