Cornerstone Center

Cornerstone is a multiservice center for homeless individuals.

Cornerstone Building

Facility Update

Cornerstone is currently closed for renovations. Please Contact:

Oak City Cares
Homeless day services

House Wake!
Access Hub for housing services

Alliance Behavioral Health
Mental health services

Services Offered at Cornerstone:

Information and Referrals:

Provide information and/or referral to homeless individuals regarding resources within the community such as crisis intervention, mental health and substance abuse treatment, employment counseling, identification, shelters, housing, food, clothing, transportation, financial assistance, mail, disability services, Veteran's resources and legal services.

Mental Health Services:

Outreach, engagement, crisis intervention, clinical assessment and treatment, and case management services are offered to homeless individuals who are dealing with mental health issues and meet specific criteria.

Employment Counseling:

Provide professional, comprehensive services to homeless men and women aimed at empowering the client to obtain and/or maintain employment through outreach and engagement, education and ongoing evaluation. Linkage to community partners that offer job search assistance, resume and application assistance, skill training and interview preparation offered upon completion of an employment assessment.

HOPWA Program:

The HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS) program is the only Federal program dedicated to addressing the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. It is designed to help low-income clients living with HIV/AIDS to have access to affordable housing. Through the HOPWA program at Cornerstone, clients can also be assisted with starting/reestablishing HIV services with Clinic B and/or Under One Roof. Bus tickets or transportation can be offered for an HIV service with an appointment card. Case manager will assist client in finding suitable and affordable housing thru RAPH (Rental Assistance Housing Program) of Wake County. Case manager will also provide monthly home visits once client is housed for housing support.

Additional Services Offered

(Please call for qualifications, times and availability):

Laundry Facility

  • Shower Facility
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Local Telephone
  • Temporary Mailing Address
  • Traveler's Aid (when available)
  • Identification cards



Cornerstone is currently closed for renovations.