Lease 2 Home

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Lease 2 Home is a program under the Landlord Engagement Unit within Wake County’s Housing Affordability and Community Revitalization Department. It was created with the intention of bridging the gap between Housing Provider Partners with affordable rental homes and Wake County residents who are seeking permanent affordable housing.

Many experiencing homelessness face barriers when trying to access permanent housing. Our goal is to help expand the pool of affordable housing to these individuals.

This unit seeks to create partnerships with housing providers to increase the supply of affordable housing through an incentive program. The Housing Provider Partners Incentive Program will provide financial support to participating housing provider partners in Wake County to assist in making their rental homes affordable. More information on the program for housing provider partners and resident service providers are listed below.

Housing Provider Partners

What is a Housing Provider Partner?

A Housing Provider Partner is another term for a landlord. Anyone who has properties available for rent falls under this category.

What are the benefits for Housing Providers?

  • $1,000 to cover damage above the security deposit and standard turn costs. 
  • Up to two months of rental payments if unit is vacant for more than 30 days and assistance with new referral placement. 
  • $500 for every lease signed, $750 if the landlord accepts a Housing Voucher program.
  • $1,000 for lease renewals. 

How does a Housing Provider sign up?

  1. Contact a Landlord Engagement Consultant at 919-856-5689 (option 2).
  2. Register to become a vendor with Wake County and sign an agreement of enrollment in the Housing Provider Partners Incentive Program.

What are the requirements for Housing Providers?

  • Attend a Housing Provider Partner training session every 12 months.
  • Rental homes must be operated in compliance with local, state, and federal laws of non-discrimination and fair housing.
  • Rental homes must be operated in compliance with Wake County and other code provisions for fire, safety, zoning, unit legalization and property maintenance.

Resident Service Providers

What is a Resident Service Provider?

A resident service provider is any case manager working in one of the Raleigh/Wake County CoC agencies.

How does the referral process work?

The provider will send in a referral via HMIS to the LEU for residents who qualify for the program.

Note: This program is currently only accepting resident referrals from Wake County/Raleigh agency providers.

What happens after the resident is approved entry into the program?

  • The provider will assist the resident with filling out a form of basic information regarding housing barriers.
  • The LEU will supply the provider with available home listings from an internal database.
  • The provider will assist the client with applying for available listings.

Partner with us

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