American Tobacco Trail Volunteer Opportunities

Photo of a group of student volunteers on the American Tobacco Trail

American Tobacco Trail couldn’t operate without the gracious assistance of many members of the public and organizations that volunteer. Learn more about volunteer opportunities below.

General Volunteer Information

  • Each volunteer must complete the Wake County Volunteer Service Release and return it to the park before they can begin their volunteer work.
  • Any volunteer under 18 must have their Volunteer Service Release signed by a parent/guardian. 
  • Any volunteer under 14 must be supervised by staff/parent/guardian during the event/project. 
  • We may not be able to accommodate volunteer requests received with less than two weeks notice.

To volunteer, contact the Park Office at 919-387-2117 or email

Volunteer Opportunities

Trail Patrol

Trail Patrol volunteers help to keep the Wake County portion of the American Tobacco Trail safe and clean. These dedicated volunteers perform a variety of tasks while on the Trail, including litter and horse manure pick up and looking for unsafe trail conditions and damage which is reported to park staff.

In addition to Trail Patrol, additional opportunities include clearing vegetation along the trail border and other maintenance projects.