StoryWalk sign at Historic Oak View

Read a children’s book while you enjoy a nature walk at several Wake County Park locations. The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont, and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.

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American Tobacco Trail

Graphic promoting ATT StoryWalk

Visit the American Tobacco Trail in March for a brand new StoryWalk®! This month's walk will be near the lower picnic table at the New Hill trailhead (1309 New Hill-Olive Chapel Rd.).

Cover of the March StoryWalk at ATT

From March 4 through 26, visit the StoryWalk®, "Beaver and Otter Get Along...Sort of: A Story of Grit and Patience between Neighbors," written by Sneed Collard and illustrated by Meg Sodano.

A thriving beaver family is annoyed when a family of otters moves into the wetland they constructed and starts benefitting from their hard work. Eventually, the two families learn to tolerate each other as best they can. While we can't all be friends with everyone, we can certainly try to get along! This story highlights the rich diversity of wetlands and tells the story of two important species found in our aquatic ecosystems.

Blue Jay Point County Park

Blue Jay StoryWalk

Come out to Blue Jay Point County Park this month for a brand new StoryWalk® along the Laurel Loop Trail!

Cover of the March StoryWalk at Blue Jay Point

Exciting news! Blue Jay Point has a new StoryWalk®, "Little Sap," by Jan Hughes, running from March 4 - April 2. You can find this StoryWalk® along the Laurel Loop Trail. This path is short, mulched, and has some changes of terrain. Enjoy the StoryWalk® every day, weather dependent.

Crowder County Park

Crowder StoryWalk

Stop by the park and visit our monthly StoryWalk®! This wonderful program combines the joy of reading a story while also getting out and enjoying nature. Located on Crowder's Outer Loop trail, this hike is around 0.8 miles.

Cover of the March StoryWalk at Crowder

From March 2–31, visit the new Crowder StoryWalk®: "Rabbits and Raindrops" written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky. Follow along as mother rabbit's five babies hop out of her nest to nibble clover, meet grasshoppers, spiders, and bees, play tag, and run for shelter when it rains.

Cover of the April StoryWalk at Crowder

From April 2–30, visit the new Crowder StoryWalk®: "Raccoon on His Own" written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky. After accidentally falling into a canoe that sets sail, a baby raccoon goes on his first solo adventure away from his mother and siblings where he curiously explores the world around him until he realizes that it's time to make a plan to get back to his family.

Green Hills County Park

Graphic promoting StoryWalks at Green Hills

Come out to Green Hills County Park this month for a brand new StoryWalk®!

Cover of the March StoryWalk at Green Hills

Green Hills has a new StoryWalk®! From March 4 through April 2, visit "Tree Full of Wonder," written by Anna Smithers and illustrated by Martyna Nejman.

Have you ever wondered why trees are important? Why do we need to protect them? Tree Full of Wonder is a vibrant, rhyming, educational and unique picture book showing the unbreakable bond between people and trees.

This StoryWalk® can be found near the playground, along the paved path.

Harris Lake County Park

Harris StoryWalk

Come to Harris Lake in April for a brand new StoryWalk®! This month's StoryWalk® can be found on the paved trail around the Educational Garden and Natural Play Area.

Cover of the April StoryWalk at Harris

From April 1 through the 30, visit the StoryWalk®, "The Dawn Chorus," written and illustrated by Suzanne Barton.

Peep awakes one morning to the sound of beautiful birdsong, but where is it coming from? It's the Dawn Chorus and Peep wants to sing like the other birds, but try as he may, he can't do it. Find out what is special about Peep in this sweet story about self acceptance and finding your place in the world. 

Historic Oak View County Park

Storywalk graphic at Oak View

Take a StoryWalk® at Oak View! A StoryWalk® is a children’s book that is presented, page by page, along a trail or path. It combines the pleasures of reading a children's book while enjoying nature.


Cover of the March StoryWalk at Oak View

From March 1 through 31, Oak View's brick walkways will feature the new StoryWalk® "Before She Was Harriet," written by Lesa Cline-Ransome and illustrated by James E. Ransome.

Who was Harriet Tubman before she was Harriet?

We know her today as Harriet Tubman, but in her lifetime she was called by many names. As General Tubman she was a Union spy. As Moses she led hundreds to freedom on the Underground Railroad. As Minty she was a slave whose spirit could not be broken. As Araminta she was a young girl whose father showed her the stars and the first steps on the path to freedom.

An evocative poem and stunning watercolors come together to honor a woman of humble origins whose courage and compassion make her a larger than life hero.

StoryWalk® at Oak View is free, requires no advance registration, and is open during the park's normal hours of operation. Check out our StoryWalk® Social Narrative, to download and print before going to the park.

The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont, and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.

Historic Yates Mill County Park

Yates Mill StoryWalk graphic

Historic Yates Mill County Park is excited to offer a new StoryWalk®, an interactive outdoor activity for you and your family. Join us for this fun, self-guided activity, which will start at the kiosk near the Visitor Center and end near the mill.


Cover of the March StoryWalk at Yates Mill

From March 2 through the 30, Yates Mill will feature the new StoryWalk®: "Tisha and the Blossoms", written by Wendy Meddour and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus.

Tisha and Mommy are always having to hurry up. What would happen if they slowed down? Enjoy this gentle, beautifully illustrated story of mindfulness—and sharing the small moments.

Cover of the April StoryWalk at Yates

From April 3 through the 30, Yates Mill will feature the new StoryWalk®: "Spring Parade", written by Camelia Kay and illustrated by Allyn Howard.

Here comes Spring! March along with Mama and Baby Bunny as they welcome a festive parade of budding flowers and blossoming trees, new birds, butterflies and bees, and all of their beloved friends, emerging from the winter season.

Turnipseed Nature Preserve

Graphic for the StoryWalk program at Turnipseed Nature Preserve

Join us for a StoryWalk® at Turnipseed Nature Preserve! Up through February 26, you can find the walk at the preserve's Hunt Valley Entrance.

Cover of the March StoryWalk at Turnipseed

To celebrate Women's History Month walk and read about Astronomer and Astrophysicist Cecilia Payne, in the brand new StoryWalk® at Turnipseed Nature Preserve! From March 1-31, visit "The Fire of Stars: The Life and Brilliance of the Woman Who Discovered What Stars Are Made Of," written by Kirsten W. Larson and illustrated by Katherine Roy.

Astronomer and astrophysicist Cecilia Payne was the first person to discover what burns at the heart of stars. But she didn't start out as the groundbreaking scientist she would eventually become. She started out as a girl full of curiosity, hoping one day to unlock the mysteries of the universe.