100% P & T

Dependents Education Assistance Program

Dependents Education Assistance Program: Chapter 35 college assistance for spouses and dependents. This can be up to $1,018 per month for a full-time student.


CHAMPVA: A comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies for eligible beneficiaries

Student Loan Discharge

Student loan discharge for you (your name on the loan)

Social Security Disability Insurance

Program to expedite 100% P&T veterans (also Wounded Warriors) program: 

State Benefits

State benefits: These vary greatly from state to state. Summary of benefits each state and territory offers.

Commissary and Exchange Privileges

Get your permanent military ID card to access Commissary and Exchange Privileges at a base near you. The military ID card/and or Common Access Card (CAC) you get may vary depending on if you are retired/TDRL/PDRL/Reserve/Guard, etc. Typically, if you are just 100% P&T you will get the ID card DD form 2765. 

Life Insurance

Life Insurance: This may not apply to all 100% P&T veterans.

Other Benefits

  • Specially Adapted Housing
  • Special Home Adaption Grant
  • Automobile and Adaptive Equipment
  • Dental Treatment