Mollie Huston Lee Collection

Mollie Huston Lee was the first African American librarian in Wake County and the founder of the Richard B. Harrison Library. 

Mrs. Lee started and maintained a collection chronicling the African American experience both locally and nationally. The collection is composed of both adult and juvenile nonfiction, fiction, serials, pamphlets and vertical file materials. The vertical file collection, maintained by the North Carolina Digital Heritage site, focused on documenting the lives of African Americans in Raleigh communities. 

The Lee Collection is now housed primarily at the Richard B. Harrison Community Library. The materials at the Richard B. Harrison Community Library are located near the circulation desk in barrister shelving. The Lee Collection reference materials are featured in displays in the new community meeting room. 

Materials that are academic in nature are housed at Shaw University's James Cheek Library.  The Lee materials at Shaw are shelved adjacent to the John Fleming Collection and are available for public use in a designated section of the library.