Housing facility for homeless mental health support reopens

After a $4 million investment and 11 months of renovations, the newly improved Cornerstone Service Center will open its doors this week. The center will provide expanded and enhanced services for all highly vulnerable residents to find stable and permanent housing.

“The great work that was happening at Cornerstone is back and better than ever, with investments now allowing the facility to serve even more people desperate to get out of the vicious cycle of homelessness.” said Cheryl Stallings of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. “Mental health and wellness are paramount in the healing process for those living on the street, and Cornerstone’s update ensures that those who need treatment will be able to get it. It’s another positive step in Wake County’s goal to actively improve the lives of struggling residents.”

The renovations include new ground-floor entry spaces, a multi-purpose room, new first floor apartments that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, new kitchenettes, showers and updated finishes throughout the building.

Cornerstone now provides 20 units for people experiencing chronic homelessness with health and mental health needs. Clients can begin to stabilize while preparing to cross the bridge back living on their own in the community. Outreach, engagement, crisis intervention, clinical assessment and treatment, and case management services will be available to those who are dealing with mental health issues.

Cornerstone will provide residents with Permanent Supportive Housing Vouchers that come with intensive case management services to ensure they are successful when housed in the community. Groups and on-site support services will be available for Bridge Housing Residents as well as Permanent Supportive Housing Voucher holders. Referrals to the Cornerstone Service Center will begin soon through Coordinated Entry and partnership with community Outreach teams.

Press Release