Local governments join forces in response to labor shortage crisis

Wake County, 20+ municipalities unite for Career Expo in June to ensure sustainable service delivery to community

LOGO: Local Government Career Expo, with smiling woman looking over shoulder

In the face of a growing labor shortage crisis impacting essential services across the nation, local governments from across the state are taking proactive steps to address the challenge. Recognizing the urgent need to attract and retain talent to sustain operations now and in the future, Wake County, along with dozens of town, city and county governments, are joining forces to organize the groundbreaking Local Government Career Expo, scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the NC State McKimmon Center in Raleigh.

“Strengthening the pipeline of talent for local government jobs is vital for Wake County and the rest of our state to continue delivering important programs and services to our residents,” said Chair Shinica Thomas of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. “By working together with local partners, we hope to showcase the wide breadth of career choices available and the incredible benefits local government jobs offer.”

The collaborative effort aims to showcase the diverse career opportunities available within local government agencies and highlight the rewarding and impactful nature of public service careers. With a focus on recruiting qualified candidates across a wide range of fields, including administration, engineering, law enforcement, healthcare, finance and accounting, and public works, the career expo will serve as a platform for job seekers to connect with hiring managers, learn about available positions and explore potential career paths within local government.

Job seekers are encouraged to register and learn more about the expo at logocareerexpo.com.

By pooling resources, expertise and outreach efforts, Wake County and its municipal partners are demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the continuity and resilience of essential public services for residents and communities. The career expo represents a strategic investment in the future workforce, with the goal of attracting top talent and fostering a pipeline of skilled professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the community.

As the labor shortage continues to pose challenges for local governments nationwide, this collaborative initiative serves as a model of proactive and innovative response, demonstrating the power of partnership in addressing critical workforce needs and sustaining the vitality of local communities.

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