Nearly $2 Million Now Available to Help At-Risk Youth in Wake County

From mentoring teens to sheltering runaways, dozens of community-based programs work every day in Wake County to help young people stay out of trouble. Now, those efforts could see a boost thanks to $1.8 million in state funds from the NC Department of Public Safety.

Proposals can be submitted for local programs that serve children ages 6-20 years old who are already involved with the court system or serve youth 6-17 years old who are referred by local sources because they are at-risk of being involved in crime.

“By helping fund these local efforts and organizations, we’re investing in future generations and creating positive, safe spaces for youth,” said Wake County Commissioner Dr. James West. “Many local programs struggle to secure outside funding for their initiatives. They should not have to worry about the money, they should be able to focus on the kids.”

Recipients for the funding will be selected by the Wake County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, a group appointed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners and made up of educators, law enforcement, judges, substance abuse counselors, mental health experts and community members. Their goal is to galvanize the community to work together to reduce and prevent juvenile crime.

The council will consider proposals from nonprofit and governmental agencies providing services to youth or their families like drug counseling, academic support, parent/family skill-building, mentoring, vocational training, temporary shelter or independent living services.

Programs should address the following risk factors:

  • Substance use/abuse
  • Mental Health problems/diagnosis
  • Gang involvement
  • School behavioral problems
  • Ineffective parental supervision/skills
  • Unemployment
  • School-based inequity

Applicants must provide a 30% local match (cash or in-kind) to receive funding.

To learn more or to understand if a local program or organization is eligible, the Community Programs Section of the Department of Public Safety is offering a virtual workshop on Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 10 a.m. It’s strongly encouraged for those applying. Anyone interested or with questions can email David Carter, Juvenile Crime Prevention Council Area Consultant.

The deadline to apply for funds is Monday, Jan. 31, 2023.

About Wake County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
The Wake County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) aims to prioritize risk factors for youth, families and the community-at large, and then find community partners who can provide programs and strategies to prevent juvenile delinquency. The charge of the JCPC comes from a General Assembly statute that requires non-institutional strategies and programs that protect both the community and its youth.

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