New Year, New Me, New Pet: Make your 2024 resolution to save a homeless animal

Hassling dog with text: "New Year, New Me, New Pet Adoption Campaign" and costs

This new year, take the opportunity to make a positive change in your life and the life of a shelter pet. The Wake County Animal Center invites the community to take advantage of the "New Year, New Me, New Pet" adoption campaign and welcome a furry companion into their life at a reduced price. Starting tomorrow, Jan. 6, through Jan. 12, adoption fees for pets six months and older will be reduced to just $25 for dogs from the regular $95 and name-your-price for cats.

“This special campaign is all about new beginnings,” said Wake County Commissioner Cheryl Stallings. “It gives you a unique chance not just to make changes in your own life but also to give a forever home to a deserving pet. Experience the happiness and satisfaction of providing a loving home to a furry friend.”

Currently, seven cats, 69 dogs and two puppies are waiting in the shelter to find their homes. Another 23 cats, two kittens and 22 dogs are in foster care, ready for adoptions. Many of these pets have been patiently waiting for more than three months. The waiting period began last October when the Wake County Animal Center went on quarantine to ensure the safety and health of dogs against canine influenza. Operations resumed in December of that year, but some dogs have been in the shelter since then, living in crowded conditions.

In addition to reducing fees, the Animal Center makes it easy to find the perfect pet. Staff share lots of information about each pet’s unique personality and behaviors and work to match the pet with potential adopters. Adult pets are a great choice for adoption because they have already settled into their traits and personalities, so that helps take the guesswork out of wondering how they’ll fit in with your family or lifestyle.

Before going to their new homes, all pets receive spay/neuter surgery, microchipping and required vaccinations.

Ready to adopt? Check out our adoption gallery or come by and see the sweet faces for yourself! The shelter is open for adoptions daily from noon to 6 p.m. seven days a week. The Wake County Animal Center is located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive, near the intersection of I-440 and New Bern Avenue in Raleigh.

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