Tailored Newsletter Subscriptions for Personalized Library Experience

We are excited to share our latest personalized library experience for patrons. With the launch of our Subscription Center, people can now subscribe to newsletters tailored to their specific interests, ensuring they receive relevant updates and information directly in their inbox.

This service is designed to cater to diverse preferences within the community, offering a range of newsletter categories that encompass various topics, including parenting resources, educator guides, digital program updates and curated recommendations for book enthusiasts.

Matt Roylance, Interim Library Director, expressed enthusiasm about this new offering, stating, "In Libraries, our commitment is to continuously enhance the services we offer to our patrons. With the introduction of our Subscription Center, we aim to deliver a more customized experience, ensuring that individuals receive information that aligns with their interests and needs."

The Subscription Center can be accessed through the Libraries website, where visitors can easily sign up for newsletters of their choice. It allows users to select the categories that best match their preferences, enabling them to stay informed about topics they care about most.

To subscribe and explore the diverse newsletter options available, visit https://www.wake.gov/library-email-subscription-center.

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