Wake County Board of Elections Certifies 2024 Primary Results

Second Primary to be held for three contests

The Wake County Board of Elections met today to certify the results of the 2024 Primary. Prior to certification, officials conducted a sample hand-eye count of two randomly selected precincts, and reviewed and counted the approved absentee and provisional ballots. The official results can be found on the State Board of Elections Results Dashboard.

A second Primary will be held in Wake County on May 14 for three Republican Primary contests—N.C. Lieutenant Governor, N.C. Auditor and U.S. House of Representatives District 13. Republican candidates with the two highest vote counts in each contest will now face each other for the nomination. Information on candidates, ways to vote and timelines for the May 14 second Primary can be found at wake.gov/upcomingelection.

“Getting through the Primary is a big milestone in this presidential election year, but we still have a long way to go,” said Wake County Board of Elections Director Olivia McCall. “Even though it’s a quick turnaround to get ready for the second Primary, plans are already in place, and our staff is well-prepared.”

New voter registrations or party affiliation updates will not be processed until after the second Primary. Eligible voters include those affiliated with the Republican Party and Unaffiliated voters who chose to vote in the Republican Primary or did not vote in any party Primary in March.

Early Voting for the second Primary will begin on April 25 in Wake County. Once it becomes available, voters can find the full schedule at WakeVotesEarly.com.

Visit ReadyToVote.com for more information about upcoming elections and voting.

About Wake County Board of Elections
The Wake County Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all elections held in the county. The board establishes election precincts and voting sites; appoints and trains precinct officials; prepares and distributes ballots and voting equipment; certifies ballots cast in elections and investigates any voting irregularities.

The Wake County Board of Elections also maintains voter registration and voting records for more than 820,000 voters. To learn more about Wake County Board of Elections, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Contact us at voter@wake.gov or 919-404-4040.

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