Wake County EMS announces partnership to benefit veterans and their families

Federal program SkillBridge provides pathways to career success

split photo of woman in military fatigues and EMS shirt

Wake County Emergency Medical Services is partnering with the U.S. Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program to help veterans and their spouses transition into new careers after leaving the military. The formal partnership means that service members from all branches can gain valuable civilian work experience with Wake County EMS during the last 120 days of their military service.

“It’s an honor to be able to give back to our military service members by providing a pathway to success once their years of service are complete,” said Wake County Commissioner Don Mial. “This is just one way Wake County can show our gratitude to the dedicated individuals who have chosen to serve our country.”

Under the SkillBridge model, a service member preparing to transition out of the military can begin training with Wake County EMS as part of the Wake County EMS Academy during their last 120 days of service. Once their military service is complete, minimal steps will remain before they can start full time employment with Wake County EMS. This opportunity is also available to their spouses.

"Veterans bring a wealth of transferable skills to the EMS field, including discipline, leadership and the ability to perform under pressure,” said Dr. Jon Studnek, director of Wake County EMS. “Their experience makes them valuable additions to our team. Our system will benefit from the SkillBridge program and we hope that many veterans will as well.”

One veteran, Hunter Davis, has already successfully completed the SkillBridge program. Formerly an Army service member, he’s now an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician with Wake County EMS and is working on obtaining his paramedic certification through the apprenticeship program. Others like Davis will likely follow now that Wake County EMS is listed as an official SkillBridge partner.

To be eligible for the EMS SkillBridge program, participants must already have an EMT certification. A military medic certification is equivalent. To learn more about SkillBridge, please visit the website.

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